Agent & Team CRM

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Express CRM



Import leads from popular lead providers

Import contacts from other apps

Import contact info from Facebook

Responsive mobile WebApp

Schedule To Do Tasks with text and email reminders

Document all client interactions

Track sales pipeline stage

Integrates with MailChimp, Bomb Bomb, Google Contacts/Calendar, and other apps

Import emails sent to and received from contacts

Track Listings and Closing Transactions

Lossless Data Upgrade to Pro

Unlimited Email Support




All EXPRESS features PLUS:

Import leads from over 170 providers and websites

Partner & Assistant logins

Complete eMail Management

Dynamic Mailing Lists

To Do trigger dates and cascading dates

User Defined Action Plan Templates

Custom User Defined Searches and Reports

Request Showing Feedback

Track Parties in a Transaction

Upload Documents

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Team CRM



per 3 person team

All PRO features PLUS:

ProspectConnection Lead Routing

Pro CRM accounts for each agent

Staff can access all team agent records

Provide marketing and closing assistance

Quickly route leads to agents by text and Email

Match leads to the agent already working with the prospect

Reassign leads to any team agent

Create shared task, action plan, email and campaign templates

Hold team agents accountable for lead follow up

Track agent performance

Extensive reporting module

Analyze which lead providers supply the most profitable opportunities

Track the time for agents to accept leads

Track leads offered, accepted and sold by agents

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

*ProspectConverter Team CRM Pricing

Up to 5 team agents

$80 plus $35 per month for each team agent

Over 25 team agents

$605 plus $12 per month for the 26th to 50th agents

Over 5 team agents

$255 plus $25 per month for the 6th to 10th agents

Over 50 team agents

$905 plus $10 per month for each agent over 50 agents

Over 10 team agents

$380 plus $15 per month for the 11th to 25th agents

Additional +

Team Staff / Coordinators / Assistants: $15 each

Each Team CRM subscription includes 250 leads / month. Additional leads $1.00 ea.

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