RealFutureCRM includes an extensive collection of features to help you to stay on schedule, automate your tasks, and close more sales. When you are ready to order the product that best suits your needs click on the desired Edition's link to subscribe.

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Standard Edition

PRO Edition

Team Editon
with Manual
Lead Management

Team Edition
with Automated
Lead Management

Monthly Subscription$15.00
30 day
Free Trial
30 day
FREE trial

$34 per user
$44 per user
(4 user min)
Call for lower per user pricing for
teams over 6 members
Agent Assistants and Staff loginsN/A$4.95 ea / mo.Counted as a "user"Counted as a "user"
Set Up ChargeNoneNoneNone$595
No long-term contractsyesyesyesyes
Ajax technology speeds up performance and eliminates waiting for screens to refreshyesyesyesyes
Free program upgrades, data backup and securityyesyesyesyes
Fast, clear navigation with one-click access to recent contacts, current listings, closing transactions, and tasksyesyesyesyes
Dashboard view of sales pipeline, "To-Do" List, industry news, price trends, and mortgage ratesyesyesyesyes
Import and export contact record datayesyesyesyes
Manage leads, clients, and business partners200 Contactsyesyesyes
Manage unlimited listings and transactions associated to contact recordsyesyesyesyes
Define Contact record's task due dates by event triggers (birthdays, anniversaries)yesyesyesyes
Define Listing and Transaction/Closing record's task due dates by event triggers (listing date, expiration date, contract date, close date, etc.) yesyesyes
User defined Contact Groups/Tagsyesyesyesyes
User defined fields and pick listsyesyesyesyes
User defined Activity Plan templatesyesyesyesyes
Record contact history and schedule the Next Action to be performedyesyesyesyes
Track multiple owners, buyers, and sellers yesyesyes
Automatically link incoming and outgoing emails to contact records yesyesyes
Send outgoing drip emails through your existing ISP email account100 per dayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Compose mailing pieces in text or HTML format with mail merge fields and email signatureyesyesyesyes
Customizable email letterhead stationary yesyesyes
Create drip email and letter campaignsyesyesyesyes
Can-Spam compliant, one-click opt out unsubscribeyesyesyesyes
Schedule drip emails for an individual or for bulk mailingsyesyesyesyes
Send unlimited email "blasts" yesyesyes
Assign unlimited drip email campaigns to contacts and mailing listsyesyesyesyes
Order 4-color customized postcards, open house property sheets, and flyers (optional mailing service)yesyesyesyes
Receive reminders of upcoming tasks, appointments and calls by email and text message Email onlyyesyesyes
Define custom report formats yesyesyes
Automatically update Mailing Lists when a contact's characteristics change or a new contact is added to your database yesyesyes
Automatically import leads from, Trulia, Zillow yesyesyes
Automatically import leads from over 30 other popular lead and IDX providers yesyesyes
Track "Properties of Interest" referenced in lead inquiries Manual entryAutomatic importAutomatic import
Track the properties and your client's remarks for homes shown to your prospects yesyesyes
Track Offers presented by buyers or received on your listings yesyesyes
Request Feedback from showing agents through a web portal page yesyesyes
Track all parties participating in a closing yesyesyes
Design forms for your website that automatically populate leads into your contact database yesyesyes
Receive email and text message alerts of new leads yesyesyes
Synchronize contacts, tasks and events to Outlook yesyesyes
Synchronize contacts to your Smartphone yesyesyes
Mobile Internet access to your CRM with your cell phone's browser yesyesyes
Add tasks and appointments to your calendar while on the road by simply sending your RealFutureCRM account an email yesyesyes
Track mailing results - sent, received, opened yesyesyes
Upload documents and files to contact, listing and closing records 100MB100MB per user100MB per user
Track referrals from your contacts, and relationships between contact records yesyesyes
Track incoming and outgoing relocation referrals yesyesyes
Assistant and staff access to agent's database yesyesyes
Assign tasks to team members yesyesyes
Role-driven access rights yesyesyes
Automatically import leads from over 50 sources into the Lead Center for distribution to team members  yesyes
Manual lead assignment and reassignment to agents  yesyes
Lead offers and acceptance responses sent by email and SMS Text  yesyes
Option to assign leads immediately or incubate in-house until hot  yesyes
Easily reassign leads, with the contact's entire history, to another agent  yesyes
Identify subsequent leads from the same prospect and the agent who already has the prospect in his/her database  yesyes
Identify subsequent leads from the same prospect and automatically assign them to the agent who already has the prospect in his/her database   yes
Automatically filter incoming leads for submission to the best matching agents according to user configured criteria   yes
Automatically and instantly offer incoming leads by round robin or random rotation, or to multiple agents at once   yes
Apply different lead assignment processes during office hours, after hours and on holidays   yes
Automatically initiate marketing follow up tasks and email drip campaigns based on the prospect's characteristics   yes
Integrated full featured RealFutureCRM for agent and in-house lead incubation  yesyes
Team agents can access only their own database  yesyes
Universal access of all team records by Managers and Staff  yesyes
Team Staff can create and update all records on behalf of any agent  yesyes
Managers can drill down into the actual record maintained by the sales associate  yesyes
Track each lead's position in the sales pipeline  yesyes
User defined Global Activity Tasks, Activity Plans, and Mailing Pieces are available for all agents to use  yesyes
Hold sales associates accountable for immediate and long-term follow up  yesyes
Reports and analytics reveal marketing program profitability, ROI, lead conversion rates and agent performance  yesyes
Alerts and reports to identify when an agent marks a lead as Dead or Inactive   yes
Alerts and reports to identify when too much time elapses between updates   yes
Require regular lead status updates from the agent   yes
User Manual, Online Videos, FAQ's, Emailyesyesyesyes
Online Group Tutorials yesyesyes
Lead configuration orientation, 800# Toll-Free phone support  yesyes


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