Efficient Lead Routing Made Simple

Covid-19 Recovery Special
Absolutely No Charge to January 1, 2021
(as in FREE)

To help our current and future clients recover from the Covid-19 crisis
ProspectConverter is providing the Connection Lead Routing program
totally free through to the end of 2020. We hope that by converting more
of your new leads into prospects and clients you will be able to more
quickly return to previous levels of production.

Your subscription to the program will be automatically cancelled if you do
not wish to continue after December 31, 2020. Or, you may submit your
credit card at that time to convert to a paid subscription at the prices below.
However, there is no obligation and you will not be charged a cent if you
decide to not continue the service.

Post Covid-19 Recovery Offer
Effective January 1, 2021



first 150 leads

Next 100 leads /mo $ .50 additional per lead
Next 250 leads /mo $ .45 additional per lead
Next 500 leads /mo $ .35 additional per lead
Next 1000 leads /mo $ .30 additional per lead

Unlimited number of agents

Need More Powerful Routing Options?

Take a look at the full version of ProspectConverter with extra features
and flexibility for larger brokers and enterprises.

ProspectConnection is also included in our Team CRM solution

Pricing example: 620 leads processed in a month = $291
($99 + (100 at $.50) + (250 at $.40) + (120 at $.35))

Easy and quick lead routing for teams and smaller brokers who handle a handful of leads daily

Give your agents the best chance to be the first to make contact with every prospect

Import leads into each agent’s ProspectConverter Express or Pro CRM account, or add Team CRM at any time for a complete lead management system

All Plans Include:

Automatic lead filtering and routing

Mobile responsive web app to offer and accept leads – no software to install

Import Leads From Over 170 Portals and Websites

Automatically filter leads to agents by Price, Interest, and Location

Hands-free automatic offers by Round Robin or multiple-agent Pool

User configurable lead routing rules for fairness and efficiency•

Text and email lead offers

Day / Night / Weekend lead processing rules

Agent Lead Portal to track and update lead status and sales

Request lead updates from agents

Lead dashboard displays recent lead assignments, lead trends, and agent updates

Leads offered and accepted reports

Stand alone program, integrate with ProspectConverter CRM, or send leads any other CRM

Upgrade path to ProspectConverter Lead Management

Group agents into Lead Teams

Contact us for a personal tour of how ProspectConnection can solve your lead conversion problems.