Maximize Every Opportunity’s Potential.

ProspectConverter is smart lead routing and automation Internet-based software that lets you control where leads go, giving you a clear view into follow-up and conversion.

ProspectConverter is for brokers and teams that are tired of throwing away money on leads.

Route Leads

The key to profitability is to turn more of your opportunities into dollars. It costs less to double your lead conversion rates than to double your lead volume. Leads that die unanswered in an Inbox are money left on the table.

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Nurture Prospects

ProspectConverter offers you three service levels and optional integration with the lead routing modules to fit any Agent, Team and Broker’s needs, from rookie to fanatic CRM guru. You can never outgrow Prospect Converter.

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Broker Referrals

When your referral clients trust you with their employee or referral’s move you are responsible for more than just another prospect. You have a commitment to a corporate client or a referring broker partner. How you respond determines more than profit; your reputation is on the line. To succeed you need modern software that makes referral management quick, efficient and easy.

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Same leads. More sales.