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Relocation referral management

We have a separate product - Chorus - for managing broker-to-broker referrals. Chorus has a clean modern design, automated outbound referral update requests, and tracks every party in the relocation. Each assigned agent has their own ProspectConverter CRM login so you can see every action they take while working with your referral.

Chorus can be purchased separately or integrated with the ProspectConverter Lead Management System.

Easy status updates

Our system automaticallyrequests updates on all referrals, making it easier to stay on top of the status of your transactions.

Automated workflows

Chorus contains workflow plans with text and email reminders that will keep you and your agents ontop of things.

Agent module

Each assigned agent receives a CRM module to nurture their referrals, which is linked to the manager’s referral record. Managers know the status of each referral without needing to ask.

Manage inventory

Keep track of your inventory easily in one place.

Easy emailing

Send emails with attachments to any party participating in the referral. Sync your email account to import all correspondence to the referral record.

Elegant modern design

Chorus isn’t just pretty. It is designed to be efficient and fast and easy to learn and use.

Chorus was built to work with your business.

Like all ProspectConverter products, Chorus was built to easily integrate with all your existing systems, including those for reporting, storing and sharing documents, your intranet and MLSs. Plus, we give you plenty of customization options.

"We are thrilled with how easy it is to use Chorus and delighted with its modern interface and flexibility."

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