ProspectConverter imports activity from your current website into each agent’s CRM database.

Don’t scrap the website you love to get the benefits of an integrated contact management solution.

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In the quest to improve agent productivity it’s easy to be distracted by the newest shinny object with a promise to dramatically multiply page views/leads/conversions/ whatever. You’ve seen them at all the conferences: neat new gadgets, social media tricks and dozens of smartphone apps. But while chasing these new solutions are you overlooking the basics of what truly makes salesmanship successful? You were once in your agent’s shoes and you know that without the basics of building relationships -- personal contact, consistent follow up, and completing tasks when promised – all the neat technology in the world doesn’t really make any difference.

ProspectConverter CRM provides the foundation agents need to organize the myriad demands on their time and great opportunities don’t slip between the cracks. It makes all of the other neat shinny gizmos more effective. No, CRM is not very sexy (except to those of us who develop it) but like the engine in a powerful sports car, without it the rest of the machine is just something nice to look at.

Why select ProspectConverter CRM for your Brokerage


The first rule of CRM is to get your associates to use it. All the coolest features in the world don’t matter if agents won’t adopt your program. Agent adoption simply requires:

• A clear, friendly, logical user interface
• Features that fit what the agent needs

Most programs have a one-size-fits-all solution, so they are either too complex for most agents or too simple for those producing most of the closings. That is a lose-lose proposition that leads to unhappy agents and poor adoption.

ProspectConverter’s solution is simple: it comes in three service levels. One for lower producers, one for high producers, and a version with high-end team features. The next level is only a click away and data never needs to be exported/imported to upgrade. Of course the user interfaces are consistent for a fast learning curve.

ProspectConverter is the one CRM your agents can never outgrow.

Compare CRM Features

Website Integration

The problem with custom websites is that they are not integrated with a decent CRM.

ProspectConverter doesn’t stick you with a poor CRM to get a wonderful website. Because we don’t do websites. We have a better idea. We integrate with the website you already have.

When your IT team adds our simple Prospect Analytics java script code snippets to your existing website, just like they add Google Universal Analytics, all of the consumer’s activity when searching for a home is instantly fed into ProspectConverter CRM where it is displayed in the respective contact record in the agent’s database.

Too much valuable data that should be applied to marketing and client support is buried in the back-end of websites. With ProspectAnalytics those gems shine right in the agent’s contact manager where they are shone where they belong -- in context with the contact record.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too. And who doesn’t like cake?

Global Content

Few agents are a marketing expert or can generate a series of tasks for a sensible workflow. Yet these are the cornerstones of promoting oneself to prospects and staying on schedule for a listing and closing.

Following the “write once, use everywhere” philosophy, in ProspectConverter your staff can create templates for emails, drip campaigns, tasks and activity plans which are available to every agent to use as is or to use at the basis to create their own versions to suit their own needs.

Custom fields can be available for all users, and field pick lists populated with the values you want to be used and locked down if desired for consistency.

Import Leads

Making an immediate response is the most critical element in winning more business.

Of course ProspectConverter CRM will import leads from your brokerage website. But in addition it will automatically import leads from over 150 industry portals and lead providers directly into each agent’s CRM and send out an email and text alert so that they can immediately reach out and win the prospect’s business.

All leads are matched to pre-existing contact records, reported in the agent’s CRM Dashboard, and can have a drip campaign automatically initiated that matches the prospect’s interest.

ProspectConverter Team CRM includes the ProspectConnection lead routing engine to distribute leads by round robin or to a pool of agents, or the team can step up to the automatic processing in ProspectConverter Lead Management.

Multiple API Partners

No CRM can do it all by itself. There are just too many other good ideas out there of which you should take advantage.

ProspectConverter integrates with marketing programs such as Mailchimp, Bomb Bomb and Happy Grasshopper. Document app Docusign and TM programs dotloop and Sky Slope. Google Gmail, Calendar and Gmail.

Do you have a Marketing Center with an API? If it isn’t already one of our integrations we will add it at no charge, or you can use one of the real estate specific print centers to which ProspectConverter is already integrated.

At any time add ProspectConverter Lead Management to automatically route leads to agents and hold agents responsible for their follow up for some or all of your CRM agents.

More integrations are constantly being added so if your favorite is not already in our library make a suggestion and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Lead Management Features

Easy Administration

Your staff has better things to do than to.

Link your agent database to Prospect-Converter to manage agents as they come and go. Outlook Exchange and Amazon Web Services SES accounts can be formatted at the same time.

Even without direct integration you agent accounts are easy to set up and manage. Run reports on agent login history and usage.

Want to make your agents more effective?