ProspectConnection Lead Routing
Simple. Instant. Automatic.

Covid Recovery FREE Offer

Instantly putting new leads into the hands of your
agents, giving them a leg up to be the first to make
contact, is critical to winning the prospect. This is
what ProspectConnection does so well.

To help teams, brokers, and their agents get back
on their feet following the "virus crisis" we are
providing ProspectConnection as a totally free
service through the end of 2020.
No set up fee.
No per lead charge.
No credit card.
No "gotcha".
Just clearly and honestly free.*

*We would not be doing our job if we didn't call in December to ask if you want to continue with a paid account but there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so.

Capture every lead

150 + lead sources

Capture leads from Zillow, IDX websites, and more.

Works with your site

We help you manage and convert leads.

Killer lead forms

Create your own lead forms for higher conversions.

Auto & Manual Lead Entry

Import leads automatically and manually enter miscellaneous leads.

New snazzy native mobile app coming in July!

Assign & route instantly for fast follow-up

Custom business rules

Customize your business rules for routing leads and change it anytime you need to.

Instant lead alerts

Increase your chances of conversion with faster follow-ups.

Automated routing

Eliminate time lag and human error that comes with using spreadsheets and email to manage leads.

Your processes, not ours

ProspectConverter works the way you do. Options to assign leads immediately to agents, prequalify, or incubate in-house.

Track & learn

Track response time

See which agents react quickest and follow up with lead opportunities for smarter leads.

Get an inside view

Always know where a lead is in the sales pipeline.

Analyze ROI

Connect resulting sale to marketing dollars spent.

"Absolutely you are the bomb, thank you so much!
Love you - thank you, thank you."

--DeAnn F., Team Leader, Phoenix

"It is a very easy and effective lead distribution
system that allows us to get new leads out to our
agents as fast as possible. We really enjoy how
efficient the system is and every time a question
comes up from our department or agents, your
staff is always quick to respond to help out with
any question we have."

--Joe M., Business Development, Major Iowa Broker

"Thank you so very much! I love the technology
and am so excited about the program."

--Amy V., Agent, Major Dallas Broker

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